Life Science Localization:
A Taiwanese Biotech Company

Localized over half a million words in 45 days to help the drug advancement efforts of a biotech company succeed in international markets.

The translated content provided by you is not only accurate but also aligns perfectly with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry standards. This aspect holds immense significance for us, and we are delighted and content with our collaboration with the team. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the entire team for their exceptional work.
(As communicated by the client)

Project Summary

Global Biotech
  • Service: Life Science Localization (pharmaceutical industry)
  • Language: Traditional Chinese to English translation
  • Specialization: Food Sciences
  • File Type(s): SOP reports (Pharmaceutical and Chemical–Formulation Development and Quality Assurance–Standards and Quality Test Report)
  • Volume: 550,000+ words, 288 files

head-prAbout the company, what were the requirements? And, why?

Our client operates as an innovative drug development company, supported by a seasoned team that possesses a proven track record in clinical development, regulatory affairs, and commercialization. Their unwavering dedication is directed towards advancing new therapeutic agents that cater to the high unmet medical needs of patients.

Seeking a trusted translation collaborator, our client had a vital task of translating 288 files consisting of standard operating procedure (SOP) reports from Traditional Chinese to English. The accurate translation of these reports was crucial in demonstrating the client's adherence to the stringent industry standards prevailing in the pharmaceutical domain.

head-prChallenges of the Project

Meeting Stringent Standards

Our client sought a localization partner capable of meeting stringent quality standards and ensuring consistency across all 288 files. We were entrusted with the task of going above and beyond to provide that level of assurance. The client placed great emphasis on the need for exceptional quality benchmarks, and we were fully committed to meeting and surpassing those expectations.

Speed and Precision

The project called for the delivery of a staggering 550,000 words within a mere 45-day window. To put it into perspective, our team had to translate more than 12,000 words daily, relying solely on human translators. Such an endeavor was undeniably challenging, as comparable projects usually allocate four to five months and utilize a dedicated translation team to achieve the same level of output.

Unrivaled Accuracy in Managing Highly Technical SOP Content

The content shared by our client consisted of SOP reports, such as Equipment Qualification Protocols, Quality Assurance Manuals, Quality System Manuals, and more. This content was remarkably technical, interwoven with complex pharmaceutical terminology. To ensure accurate and meaningful translations, we engaged subject-matter experts who possess extensive expertise in the field, allowing for precise contextual adaptation.

head-prSolution provided by us to the client

Our Methodological Framework

In order to instill confidence in the client regarding the output quality, we provided trial translations of selected content as a pre-contract demonstration. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of streamlining the project, we proposed a batch-wise delivery strategy to facilitate efficient processing, minimize the need for revisions, and expedite the overall turnaround time.

Resourceful Solutions

The project deadlines set by the client were exceptionally ambitious, considering the large volume of work involved. To meet these challenging timelines, we tapped into our vast network of over 3000 translators, strategically allocating multiple resources. Through collaborative teamwork and efficient coordination, our diverse team of translators collectively worked towards accomplishing the project's objectives, ultimately delivering the desired results within the specified deadline.

Dedicated Account Manager Drives Timely Milestone Delivery and Quality

The project was entrusted to a dedicated account manager who effectively streamlined processes and efficiently managed resources to ensure the timely delivery of all project milestones. With a keen focus on maintaining high-quality standards, the account manager consistently monitored the quality of work being provided throughout the project duration.

SOP Reports: Human expertise + in-house tools

Each member of the translation team underwent a rigorous evaluation process to assess their subject-matter expertise. This evaluation encompassed not only their knowledge of the pharmaceutical discipline but also their prior experience in handling SOP reports and similar materials. To ensure the highest quality output, a dedicated bilingual checker was assigned to meticulously review the entire project. The translation team also leveraged advanced in-house tools, bolstering their ability to maintain consistency throughout the project's duration. It is important to highlight that the team's expertise extended beyond pharmaceuticals, encompassing various interconnected fields, further enhancing the accuracy and precision of the translations.

Added Assurance: Comprehensive Quality Review

Despite the client's specific request for the Translation + Translation Check service, we went the extra mile by incorporating an additional quality assurance (QA) step. Within this step, our in-house quality expert diligently evaluated each translated file, meticulously assessing its accuracy and consistency. Only after this thorough evaluation did the files proceed to the translation checker, ensuring the highest quality standards were met.

Project Overview

  • Within a tight deadline of 45 business days, our translation team expertly processed a massive volume of 550,000+ words, prioritizing both accuracy and maintaining the contextual essence of the text.
  • Our client expressed their specific appreciation for our diligent efforts, as the translated material we provided enabled them to fulfil their business requirements successfully.

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