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Medical communication Services

Deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a production environment is a complex challenge that requires more than just technical expertise. It demands a deep understanding of business needs and operational realities.

At Enago Life Sciences, we understand this completely. Our AI team doesn’t just think about overcoming obstacles—we look at transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

Our Proprietary Products

AI-Powered Writing Assistant and Grammar Correction Tool for Academic and Technical Writing.

  • Publication Readiness Checks
  • Inclusive Language Checks
  • Citation Checker
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Journal Finder
  • Proofread File
  • Consistency Check
  • Paraphraser
Medical communication Services
Medical communication Services

AI-Powered Reading Assistant That Helps You Ideate, Create Knowledge, and Collaborate on Research.

  • Fine-tune your literature search
  • Speed up your literature review
  • Bring order to your research projects
  • Decode papers effortlessly for faster comprehension
  • Collaborate to read with your team

AI-Powered Reports That Help Evaluate and Enhance Your Document by Ensuring Technical Compliance, Bias Elimination, and Facilitate Journal Submission.

  • Language Quality Report
  • Inclusive Language Report
  • Journal Finder
  • Reference Quality Report
Medical communication Services

Security First Approach

Our processes are made with security as one of the paramount objectives. The content we process is not saved persistently, and once the results are achieved, the data is automatically deleted from our systems. The feature of not storing data beyond the time frame required is a one-of-a kind offering in the AI solutions industry. We do not use your data to train our machine learning engines.

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Solutions We're Building
for Medical Affairs

Seeking the right partner for pilot initiatives

Literature Surveillance & Knowledge Discovery

Query research and publication indexes to discover related content

Anonymization & Redaction

Anonymize data to ensure confidentiality and privacy

Medico-Marketing Content Assistance

Plain language summaries, multi-level summarization, and SCP solutions

Customized Content Generation

Customize and personalize content for various medical affairs stakeholders

Data-Driven Insights

Gain enriched insights from structured and unstructured datasets

Patient Communication Enhancement

Enhance patient communication through translation, localization, and summarization

Medical Terminology Standardization

Ensure consistency and accuracy in documentation organization-wide

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